Galvo Shed FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Terry


    Great service from Gubba!

    After I moved to a new house I had tried various companies to get a small shed for my garden tools and equipment. As I only had a very small space available I had specific size requirements and above all, a sliding door. Most companies were only interested in selling their stock sizes and were quite quick to say No they couldn't help

    I had almost given up hope when I telephoned Gubba Sheds and spoke to Eddie. Unlike the other companies, he actually listened to what I needed, promised he would get back to me which he promptly did and made suggestions as to which of their stock would best suit me. Better still when I asked if he could do me a sliding door and a little bit of trimming on size he was not fazed. After a while during which the workshop was consulted he came up with a solution that I was very happy to accept.

    That sort of service is not often given these days. A short wait of 10 days or so and the shed was delivered by Jorgen who set to in an organized and efficient way and completed the construction work. A good price too. Many thanks Gubba for the garden shed and for the great service you have given.

  • Terry


    Great service, great result.

    I have purchased a Garden Master Shed from Gubba and am very glad that I have made the right choice. The delivered on time and the guy who came to install the shed for us did a topnotch job, is punctual and organized.

    Everything happened according to plan and the quality of the product is worth every penny I paid. Great service, great result. Couldn't recommend more.

    Thank you for a job well done.

  • LES


    My shed for whitebating.

    I purchased and assembled a Gubba Shed to use at my local river as a shed to store my equipment and shelter in when I am at the river.

    In every way it has turned out great and I look forward to many seasons of pleasure from it.

    Thank you Gubba.
  • Gus


    Garden Shed

    Excellent service, easy to deal with and a quality product at the end of the process. Very satisfied and would definitely use again
  • Sam


    Galvo Shed Review

    As a first time building a kit set shed, I found it really easy. All the components were accurate down to the millimeter, and the quality of the materials is great! I got the GVO3030, which just over 3x3 meters square. Even without an internal frame, the shed is solid and strong as it forms a tension shell. Attaching to a solid floor is a must as it tightens the whole shed up and take out any remaining flex. It's already stood up to a 140km winds in the last storm we had without a scratch! Any mistakes are easy to fix if you do make one. And if you change your mind on a fitting it's no big deal -in my case I required a bigger lock hasp and only it took 5mins to remove and attach a new one. The instruction DVD is great, and it is also on YouTube if you want to work off a portable device like an iPad. If you buy the plain zincalume shed, then decide you would like it colored, then it can be painted. We used self priming Wattle Solagard, but it didn't stuck well. So make sure you undercoat with a good quality metal primer first. Otherwise you may have some extra work as we did. I decided to paint mine to match the house (a 1910s cottage) and it blends in nicely. I would absolutely recommend these sheds, and will be buying the same again if we ever need an extra one. Sam Wellington
  • David


    Garden shed review

    There were some major factor that contributed to my purchasing a 'Gubba Garden Shed.
    1-Great price.
    2-Informative and great variation of selections and options on website.
    3-Quick door to door delivery at a fair price.
    4-Great customer service.
  • Luke


    Great Shed

    Good Quality and easy to assemble
  • Thomas


    Gubba shed review

    I've just installed a 1.3x3.3m shed with special high height (extra 250mm). The shed was delivered less than week after the order, was really well packaged. It comes with very clear instructions and an easy color coding to assemble the wooden frame. In comparision to the previous one i assembled I specifically liked the wooden frame making it a lot easier to mount the walls. I yook the option if skylight which is really great to make the shade a nice space. Excellent advices and client services. Thanks!
  • Wayne


    Good value for money

    Good value for money

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How long will it take to assemble?

This will depend on past experience. Generally 1/2 to 1 day for a boxed shed. Larger sheds allow more time. In panel form you need only allow about a quarter of the time.

What floor is best for my shed?

We highly recommend a concrete floor for windy sites.

How big is the door opening?

A standard single door is 755mm, or a double is 1550mm – custom door sizes are also available.

How long do I have to wait for my shed?

We dispatch within 5 to 10 working days for Galvo sheds.

Can I have a sliding door?

No. Internal sliding doors take up wall space, and external lack security. Hinged doors are alot more trouble free.

Will my shed have a timber frame?

Garden Master sheds have a steel frame, which forms a tension membrane once assembled correctly. As we have a deep ribbed profile this eliminates the need for any extra framing. A timber frame can easily be fitted, but we do not offer that option.

How do I fit shelves or hang tools then?

We have Tool Racks and Shelving specifically designed to be mounted on our shed walls using the supplied rivets and screws.

Can I make my shed more secure?

Yes. All doors come fully braced and for added security we offer the GM Securi-door (a double padlock door) and locking t-handle.

What tools will I need?

You will need a battery drill, screwdriver or riveter, tape measure, ladder and in most cases a helping hand. We also recommend hand and foot protection. Do not install in wet or windy conditions.

Do you offer any assembly service?

We have approved assembly service providers throughout NZ. Our assemblers only work with NZ made sheds. Please contact us about your shed assembly needs.

Will the package fit in my car?

A boxed shed will fit in a van or large wagon.

Will my shed come with a hold down kit?

If you order a timber floor you will not need these. They are for concrete floors only, so they are not included in your kit. We recommend pegging your wooden floor.

Will my shed require maintenance?

Our sheds are generally maintenance free, however if you are near the coast we suggest you wash your shed more often than your car. This is particularly important under the roof overhang where the rain does not reach.

Do I need a building consent?

If you are concerned, check with your local council, but in NZ you are not required to have a building consent for any building under 10 m2.

Am I better to use screws or rivets?

Rivets are quicker and more permanent, but screws are fine. We supply both screws and rivets with Zincalume sheds, and we supply matching coloured rivets with the colour sheds. If you don’t have a riveter, we offer one as an optional extra.

Why are colour sheds more expensive?

Colour sheds are constructed from a heavier gauge steel, as well as providing extra protection on top of the Zincalume base steel.

What’s the difference between Zincalume and colour?

Zincalume is iron coated with zinc and aluminium to protect the iron from rusting. The colour is applied over a series of primer coats on top of the zincalume, giving added protection. We recommend the colour option for coastal areas.
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