◾ Great Value Timber Storage Sheds
◾ Mini Cross Laminated Pine
◾ Reversible doors for a modern design
◾ Easy Assembly

From $895 incl GST

Laminata Sheds are timber sheds that are made from planks of Mini Cross Laminated Timber (MiniCLT). MiniCLT is manufactured by Laminata, and is similar to thick, sturdy plywood. This gives you an extremely robust shed that allows you to place hooks or build shelves anywhere you want! You can also paint your shed to match your property.

A key benefit of Laminata Sheds is that they’re protected from fungal decay and termite attack, which is due to MicroPro (MCA) protection. Also, their acoustic properties provide noise reduction that complies with NZ acoustic standards.

By using an installation guide and a battery drill, the assembly is quick and easy.

As the strongest timber sheds available, Laminata Sheds provide long term durability, stability, and performance, and are New Zealand made and grown. And, purchasing renewable timber means you’re investing in sustainability.

◾ Renewable plantation pine from Forest
◾ Stewardship Council certified forests
◾ Innovative and functional design
◾ Lightweight and easy to assemble
◾ Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance

From $895 incl GST

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