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Gable Roof – Width: 3030mm, Depth: 3030mm, Wall Height: 1830mm, Gable Height: 2090, Area: 9.18m2

These “Hazy Grey” steel sheds use a different, thinner steel which is not suitable for coastal environments, thermal areas or high wind areas. The warranty is not valid if they are within 2km of a body of salt water or thermal area.

The Manufacturer of Galvo Sheds have been making quality kitset sheds in NZ for nearly 50 years! Galvo Sheds are known for their affordability and resilience. With a 15 year warranty on the Hazy Grey and Zinc colours and 18 year warranty on the other premium steel options.

These sheds feature hinged doors with padbolts, and come with fixings and instructions. Floor kits sold separately.

Construction involves drilling and riveting. These are “Panel and Channel” riveted construction with panels of steel riveted into channels to provide rigid walls & roofing. The deep rib profile in the steel provides strength without any need for framing.

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Galvo GVO3030

The largest Galvo steel shed. Under the maximum 10m2 size that most councils allow a shed to be If you have a lot of gear to store, and a big yard to store it on, this is a superb value for money shed for you. Featuring double doors and a gable roof this shed will provide ideal storage for your quadbike or ride on mower, and all the other things that are best housed out of the way in a shed.
Features include:
• Excellent value for money
• 15 year warranty
• 0.25mm anti-rust steel or coloured steel sheeting
• Deep ribbed profile for extra strength
• Large sheet size for quick and easy assembly
• Trouble free lockable hinged door
• Innovative flooring systems
• Double folded doorway safety edge
• Alu-Zinc (silver) trims & channels
• Steel Shed

* Galvo Sheds are usually in stock for pickup from 4 Parkhead Place, Albany, Auckland *

* SmartStore Karaka Sheds are usually in stock for pickup from 4 Parkhead Place, Albany, Auckland *

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Dimensions3030 × 3030 cm

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