Pinehaven Dunstan Timber Garden Shed


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 Pinehaven Dunstan Timber Garden Shed
Pinehaven Dunstan Garden Shed

Pinehaven Dunstan Timber Shed

The Pinehaven Dunstan wooden shed is nearly square at 2.7m x 2.8m. As standard it comes with one door on the 2.7m wall, and a fixed window in the gable end 2.8m length.

The door can be moved, windows can be moved or added and stud height can be extended for storing taller items or if you are tall and require a taller door. You can also add a Lean-to verandah or a gable end verandah, which would make an ideal place to store your firewood or somewhere to leave things out of the rain.

The Pine Timber Shed Kitset is made from treated timber, it comes without paint or stain finishing (so you can choose your own colour/s). The shed must be painted or stained to protect the timber from the elements and uphold the warranty. It is also recommended that nail holes are filled before painting / staining.

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Dimensions 2800 x 2700 cm