Gubba is a New Zealand company with a kiwi approach to business offering practical, down to earth products and service. Our range of clever yet simple garden accessories will make your time in the garden easier and more effective. All Gubba’s Great Garden Products are easy to use, long lasting and well priced.

Gubba is also proud to be a member of The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign.

How we started

In case you were wondering, “Gubba” is an aboriginal word meaning “good”. Back in 1988, kiwi owner David Graves, developed a Garden Bag that could stand open by itself. It was so successful that he decided to expand the range and started looking for a name. David & his Australian wife, Sandy, wanted a name meaning quality. They chanced upon “Gubba” meaning “good” in an Australian Aboriginal dictionary and the name stuck. Today, Gubba has grown into a friendly, down to earth company where everyone pitches in to help with whatever job needs doing. We work together to decide on new products, come up with promotional ideas, make sure orders get dispatched on time and we even appear as models in our product leaflets and advertising material. We, at Gubba, are proud of our range and love the fact that we are able to offer genuinely useful, quality products. We welcome customer feedback so if you have comments, queries or inventive uses regarding any Gubba product, please contact us.