Shed Buying Guide

Our buying guide will help you through the process of selecting the ideal shed for your needs, also informing you of what the requirements are for shed assembly, location & foundations.

Click here to download your Shed Buying Guide!

Click here to download your Shed Buying Guide!

What are the benefits of a full timber framed shed?2018-05-29T18:08:20+12:00

Duratuf Kiwi and Fortress Timber Sheds have a full timber frame that can be fully accessorised easily and makes them arguably the strongest sheds on the market.

Why should I choose a sliding door?2018-05-29T18:08:20+12:00

Sliding doors give better access without the door shutting on you, and if anyone leaves the door open it will not blow in the wind and damage anything nearby.
On smaller sections the door won’t obstruct a path.

Can I get steel colours that aren’t in your catalogue?2018-05-29T18:08:20+12:00

Yes, we can customise your shed to have any standard Colorsteel colour. There is a small surcharge for this.

How long will it take to build my garden shed?2018-05-29T18:08:20+12:00

That will depend on the model of shed, the experience and capability of he person assembling the shed. Duratuf Kiwi sheds have a full timber frame and a larger number of components so Kiwi sheds will take longer than some other models

What skills do I need to build a garden shed?2018-05-29T18:10:51+12:00

All You will need is basic handyman skills. The ability to use a hammer, drill and riveter is required. Also having a second person to assist you will make the assembly process easier.

How long do I have to wait for my shed?2018-05-29T18:08:20+12:00

We dispatch within 10 to 15 working days for standard garden master sheds, custom garden sheds may take a little longer.

Can I change a flat to a sloping roof (or sloping to gable roof)?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Yes. Sheds are upgradeable, at extra cost, to the next roof model.

All flat roof models are available with a slope roof, and all slope roof
models are available with a flat or gable roof.

Note: You cannot get
a flat roof model with a gable roof, nor can you have a gable model
with a flat or sloping roof.

Pinehaven Sheds FAQ2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00
Does a Pinehaven Garden Shed have a floor kit?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Only the Courtyard Cupboards come with a floor kit.

A treated timber floor kit is an optional purchase for any other sheds. This will allow you to place the small building directly onto a level surface or choose to place on your own flooring system such as a concrete pad.

Can a Pinehaven timber floor kit and small buildings sit directly on any surface?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

The surface should be compact or hard and free draining. It could be grass, pavers, concrete or timber.

It is best to erect any Pinehaven shed on it’s own flooring system such as a Pinehaven timber floor kit or concrete pad.

If i supply my own floor kit, what should the finished floor size be?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Check the Pinehaven floor plans and deduct 10mm off the length and width of each model.

If you are unsure, check with your agent or directly with us before you proceed.

What are my window options?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

All standard windows are in an aluminium frame and on most models are 600mm x 600mm.

Depending on the model, some windows come standard with the shed (check floor plan). You have the option of fixed windows or opening, and can request for reveals if you are planning on lining the shed.

Also consider changing a fixed window to an opening window.

Can i change the position of the window?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

You can place the window(s) and/or door(s) in any wall panel position in the Pinehaven small building.

At the time of placing your order you can choose to add extra, or delete standard windows in your Pinehaven small building.

What are my door options?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Your Pinehaven Shed will come with a hinged timber door with a standard width of 760mm.

Other options include:

• Increasing your door width from 760mm to 900mm wide.
• Double doors are optional on most models but will not fit on the Chalet (Kaimai and Kaweka) style sheds.
• An aluminium ranchslider (1800mm wide by 2000mm high) is standard in a Lambton.
• An aluminium rancherslider can be fitted to all models that have a gable roof but the wall stud height must be increased to 2000mm.

What are my roof options?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Pinehaven small buildings come with a NZ Steel roof. The standard colour ‘Karaka.’ Other NZ Steel colours available on request.
(Excludes Gazebo’s and Summerhouses which come with a cedar roof kit).

How do the wall panels come?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

The wall panels come pre-clad with weatherboards. This makes for easy assembly, just screw each panel together.

Gazebos and Summerhouses are similar, but maybe clad with trellis.

A standard wall panel on most models is 1800mm high x 900mm wide.

Can a Pinehaven Shed have cedar weatherboards or another exterior cladding, (rather than pine weatherboards)?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Yes, pinehaven sheds can have your choice of timber cladding. Ask us for a price in cedar weatherboards or cladding of your choice.

Is the timber treated?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

All timber is pinus radiata and treated to appropriate treatment grade relative to the use within the small building. Weatherboards LOSP / H3 – Internal timber framing H1/H3 – Floor bearers H4 – Floor boards H3. The only exception is the Gazebo and Summerhouse Cedar roof kits, these are untreated.

How secure is my Pinehaven Garden Shed?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Your Pinehaven garden shed comes standard with a padbolt.

You may upgrade from a padbolt to a locking handle giving you more security.

Can i put a verandah on my Pinehaven Garden Shed?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

There is a Pinehaven verandah kit to fit most models, this can also include a decking kit to go with it.

You can also choose between a Gable end or a Lean-To Verandah.

Please allow an extra 0.9m to the width or depth of the total shed size for the verandah extension.

Note: You will need to increase the stud height to 2.0m to accommodate a Lean-To Verandah.

Can I increase the stud height of my lean-to or gable roof shed?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Yes you can. Your Pinehaven wall panels except chalets and Lambton come with a standard wall panel hieght of 1.8m. You also have the option of increasing the wall panel height to 2.0m or higher if request.

Are Pinehaven Sheds ready for paint or stain?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Pinehaven Sheds will come without stain or paint. We recommend you paint or stain your Pinehaven Shed – this will prolong the life of your building (assembly instructions will provide more detail).

Are the Pinehaven walls lined internally?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

All Pinehaven Sheds and Studios come stock standard with a heavy paper lining. Standard Courtyard Cupboards and Kids Cubbies do not come lined.

For a small cost you can upgrade to fire rated building paper.

Does the Pinehaven Sheds / buildings come in kitset form?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Yes it does, allowing your Pinehaven Shed / building to be transported anywhere in NZ.

Why should my shed have a timber frame?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

A timber frame gives a strong backbone to your shed – much like a house. It almost removes the chance of your shed blowing away in extreme weather. The Duratuf Kiwi and Fortress sheds feature a full timber frame and the Sentry and Guardian sheds have a semi-timber frame.

Does a wooden frame do more than make my garden shed stronger?2018-05-29T18:08:17+12:00

Yes. There is better water run-off because there are no channels around the bottom like most steel sheds have. You can also build in strong, solid workbenches and shelves or tool boards to hang up your tools. A full timber frame also makes it a lot easier for you to fit building paper, insulation, wall linings and electricity into your shed.

How long will it take to assemble?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

This will depend on past experience. Generally 1/2 to 1 day for a boxed shed. Larger sheds allow more time. In panel form you need only allow about a quarter of the time.

Can I have the door positioned wherever I like?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Yes, you can specify while purchasing online or let us know where you want the door positioned by phone. 0508 448 222

What floor is best for my shed?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

We highly recommend a concrete floor for windy sites.

How big is the door opening?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

A standard single door is 755mm, or a double is 1550mm – custom door sizes are also available.

How long do I have to wait for my shed?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

We dispatch within 5 to 10 working days for Galvo sheds.

Can I have a sliding door?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

No. Internal sliding doors take up wall space, and external lack security.
Hinged doors are alot more trouble free.

Will my shed have a timber frame?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Garden Master sheds have a steel frame, which forms a tension membrane
once assembled correctly. As we have a deep ribbed profile this eliminates
the need for any extra framing. A timber frame can easily be fitted,
but we do not offer that option.

How do I fit shelves or hang tools then?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

We have Tool Racks and Shelving specifically designed to be mounted
on our shed walls using the supplied rivets and screws.

Can I make my shed more secure?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Yes. All doors come fully braced and for added security we offer the
GM Securi-door (a double padlock door) and locking t-handle.

What tools will I need?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

You will need a battery drill, screwdriver or riveter, tape measure, ladder
and in most cases a helping hand. We also recommend hand and foot
protection. Do not install in wet or windy conditions.

Do you offer any assembly service?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

We have approved assembly service providers throughout NZ. Our assemblers only work with NZ made sheds. Please contact us about your shed assembly needs.

Will the package fit in my car?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

A boxed shed will fit in a van or large wagon.

I’m over 6 foot and I whack my head!2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Extra wall height can be added – sheds can be factory-cut to any rib,
in 50mm intervals.

Will my shed come with a hold down kit?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

If you order a timber floor you will not need these. They are for concrete
floors only, so they are not included in your kit. We recommend pegging
your wooden floor.

Can I have any size in any colour?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Yes. Any size can be ordered in any of our 14 NZ colours.
You can also tell us which part of your shed you want in which colour.

Will my shed require maintenance?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Our sheds are generally maintenance free, however if you are near
the coast we suggest you wash your shed more often than your car.
This is particularly important under the roof overhang where the rain
does not reach.

Do I need a building consent?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

If you are concerned, check with your local council, but in NZ you
are not required to have a building consent for any building under 10 m2.

Am I better to use screws or rivets?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Rivets are quicker and more permanent, but screws are fine.
We supply both screws and rivets with Zincalume sheds, and we supply
matching coloured rivets with the colour sheds.
If you don’t have a riveter, we offer one as an optional extra.

Why are colour sheds more expensive?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Colour sheds are constructed from a heavier gauge steel,
as well as providing extra protection on top of the Zincalume base steel.

What’s the difference between Zincalume and colour?2018-05-29T18:08:15+12:00

Zincalume is iron coated with zinc and aluminium to protect the iron
from rusting. The colour is applied over a series of primer coats on top
of the zincalume, giving added protection. We recommend the
colour option for coastal areas.

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