COVID-19 Lock down update.

Dear Customers,

We hope you are keeping well and safe during this difficult time.

During the Level 4 lockdown period, we will be working from home and available to help customers and take orders online, by email and by phone.

Our display yard of sheds and our storage warehouse is closed during this period, and we are unable to meet with customers until the situation has changed.

We continue to work with our local suppliers and manufacturers and will create backlog orders for them to manufacture or dispatch once is back up and running as usual. The earlier a shed is ordered the sooner it will be able to be dispatched or manufactured once the lockdown lifts. The same goes for our network of shed assemblers across NZ.

We can not guarantee or accurately estimate delivery times at this stage but rest assured we will be working with our partners to get the sheds out as quickly as possible.

We encourage customers to choose to the “Direct Credit” payment method and pay a $100 deposit to secure your order and place in the queue, rather than pay the full amount by credit card. You are of course welcome to pay in full but please note that this will not move your order up the manufacturing queue.

While at home, as well as working, we hope to use this time to tidy up our own sheds and gardens and spend some quality time with immediate families at home.

With a concerted community response we will get through this. Stay safe out there!

Kind regards,

Tim, Eddie, Jack, Chad, Kevin, David and the team at Gubba Garden Sheds.