Garden Master GM3823 End Entrance
Garden Master GGM3823EE - Special End Entry Garden Shed

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Door Change – Choose where the door is placed on your shed, anywhere, on any wall. Extra Doors - add extra doors to your shed for easier access, double doors, multiple single doors, it’s up to you.
Garden Shed Windows – Add Louvre windows to your shed for extra ventilation and light
Skylight roof panel in your shed – natural light when working in your shed.
Shed Tool Racks - Each set contains 6 racks and 2 wall-strips. Organise your tools and unclutter your shed.
Shed Cabin Hook - For holding a door open, or closed.
Shed shelving brackets - Hang up to 3 shelves, 300mm deep. These hang from the wall to allow maximum use of shed floor space. (shelves included with brackets).
Locking T Door Handle - Easy extra security. Can be keyed to match.
Double pad-bolt, for added security. - Secure your valuables from thieves with an extra pad-bolt, on the door.
Increased wall height - Add up to 200mm in increments of 50mm ton your overall shed height. Useful if you are tall, or for longer objects. (The cost is 5%% of the base shed price per additional 50mm of extra height).
Kitset Wooden Floor - Every shed needs some sort of floor. Garden Master can supply pre-cut kitset Wooden Floors (treated timber), for all our sheds.
Concrete Floor Bolt Package - Recessed or Flat Floor Bolt Package - for securing garden sheds to a concrete floor pad.
FREE Rivet Gun Included - to fasten rivets when assembling your garden shed. This is a quality riveter, as used by the Garden Master factory team.
We can deliver to your door, to your local PBT Depot, or you can pick up (once manufactured) from Gubba in Albany, Auckland. See the options here.
• Width: 2280mm Length: 3770mm
• Wall Height: 1830mm at front, 1830mm at back
• Centre Ridge Height: 2025mm, Area 8.60m2
Garden Master Sheds Garden Shed 18 Year Warranty NZ Made Garden Sheds
 Garden Master GGM3823EE   Special End Entry Garden Shed
* SmartStore Karaka Sheds are usually in stock for pickup from 4 Parkhead Place, Albany, Auckland *

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Dimensions 3770 x 3023 cm