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We have a wide selection of Garden Sheds around 10m2 (ten square metres).

Through out most of New Zealand any shed with a base size of under 10m2 does not require building consent from your council. The base size of the sheds on this page are all between nine and ten square metres in area.

Put one of these 10 square metre sheds on your property to maximise your un-permitted shed size.

*Please check this with your local council as NZ Garden Shed regulations may change and vary depending on local bodies and by-laws, heritage restrictions etc.

For a garden shed over 10m2 you may be required to comply with the Building Act, this involves gaining a building consent from your local council before construction of your large shed starts (there may be exemptions to this), then when the large shed is completed you apply to the local building consent authority to do a final inspection and issue a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) if it the inspector is satisfied that the shed complies with the Building Act.